Weeks 4, 6, 8 & 10:  My Growing Diary 

How’s your soil and borage getting on?

Please upload a photograph and description of your soil and borage. You can upload these HERE or you can use the OurPlace app (see below for some instructions).

Go on get your hands in there and tell us how it feels!
Your description can include: 

soil and / or plant colour, texture, smell, moisture, temperature, new plant growth, worms and creepy crawlies, wildlife (e.g. birds) 

Is there anything else you have noticed about your soil and borage that you would like to tell us? 

You can try our mobile phone app OurPlace for Android or iPhone to record weeks 4,6,8 and 10. 

You will need either a Facebook, Gmail or Apple ID to sign-up. You can click OurPlace or search for Our Place Newcastle University on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Once dowloaded use the QR code to take you to the EQUI-Food activity or use share code: L0O5HI.

When adding your responses don’t forget to add your username to tell us who you are!

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