The EQUI-Food team will be led by PI Dr Felicity Crotty (Royal Agricultural University Environmental Science) with Co-Is Dr Louise Neilson (BIC Innovation (BIC), Practitioner), Dr Rachel Clarke (Open Lab, Newcastle University, Computing, Interaction Design Data Science) and Dr Bethan Mead (University of Liverpool Psychology).

Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in soil health metrics (Crotty-PI and lead soil health analysis), human health methodologies (Mead-CoI lead nature connection) and interaction design, data science and analysis (Clarke-CoI lead on mobile and web application and resource creation), supported by an experienced practitioner managing R&D cluster networks from farm-to-fork focusing on social impact and commercialisation delivering sustainable food solutions (Neilson-CoI facilitate site/participant recruitment). Our combined, interdisciplinary, expertise will facilitate success by allowing us to apply environmental, data and social science perspectives and methodologies to stakeholder/practitioner needs. Our approach combines Citizen Science (all) and subjective health and well-being assessment (Mead) with environmental quality (Crotty), interaction design and data science (Clarke) and existing urban farming networks (Neilson).

Meet the team!

Research Assistant, Chloe Mellor, BIC Innovation

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